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domingo, 22 de dezembro de 2013

Warning: Breakfast Time

Warning: Breakfast Time!

Hi! I started to think, that since my mother language is Portuguese, why not make my posts in both languages? So, I’ll start with it today!

The importance of breakfast is commonly invisible to the eyes and mind of most people.

Ignoring the fact that our “machine” woke up and needs “fuel” to carry on the day, it’s bad and unhealthy.

The ideal is to wake up earlier 10 to 15 minutes and make it calmly and with consciousness.
Because, if you don’t do it – eat your breakfast – your body will start to look for the energy stored in your muscles, so you can do whatever you’re doing (no, you won’t burn fat, but muscle!).

Avoid staying more than an hour without eating. There are no excuses that you can come up with, for not eating your breakfast in the morning, and no “diet” is a fan of that happening; so, always have stored in your kitchen yogurts, cereals, fruit, toast, whole grain bread, tea, and other healthy and tasty options to start your day!

If you’re not used to it, it’s still not an apology, it’s more than proven that after 3 weeks of maintaining the morning-breakfast-routine, your body will get in the routine and ask for food every morning.

If you’re not used to eating a lot in the beginning, don’t worry, work through it and just add some ingredients from time to time to make a completely healthy breakfast.

What do you need to eat?
Whole grain. Protein. Fibers. Calcium. Vitamins.

Whole Grain
Your best choice for carbs in the morning, it’s filled with minerals, fibers and vitamins. They are very rich in vitamin B such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin which provide us a lot of energy. Where can you find it? Oat meal, granola, whole grain bread, etc…

Proteins are going to give you the momentary satiety and also keep you full for the next few hours. Soy/almond/oat milk, vegetarian yogurts, cheese, eggs, are great options to consume protein.

Paramount for digestion, women should ingest 25g a day and men 38g, including the soluble and insoluble fibers. These can be found in fruit, oats, and vegetables. Make a clever option with this one, you have a wide variety in the market!

More than known our need of calcium for the bones, it can be found in a lot of vegetables and fruits, unfortunately we haven’t been used to eat veggies in the morning, so I advise you to go and get it from cheese of milk (soy milks are enriched with calcium most of the times). Of course if you like it, go ahead and start you morning with a green leafy shake!!

They are a lot, so we must pay attention to what we eat. Eat season fruit which is usually tastier and cheaper!

I hope that soon I can make a post about all the nutrients our body needs, including the quantities needed daily and where we can find them!

Give your best to your breakfest, please. And share it!

See you next time,

Catarina xoxo