quinta-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2013

The Mushroom Impression

I'm sorry about the time I haven't spent around here. So, since I'm crazy about mushrooms, here are some recipes I did with this big and little fellows.

Here is a little treat I made myself with the left-overs of the shrimp:

Small mushrooms
Black Pepper
White Wine
Olive Oil

Heat the olive oil along with the garlic and onions. Add the mushrooms and black pepper,also the coriander. Let it cook a little bit. Join the shrimps, and the rice, blend it all together and add the wine. Pour water to cook the rice and let it boil to cook the rice. Wait until it's done and voilá!

On Monday I went shopping and I found some lovely Portobello Mushrooms. I used two of them for my lunch on Tuesday, and here's what I got:

Red Bell Pepper
Cheese (your favourite)
Olive Oil

Clean and peel the mushrooms, add some olive oil on top (this case, bottom's up), add the onions, black pepper, chopped peppers, and the cheese. You can place the oregano now or later if you prefer.
Bring the them to the oven and here's the tasty result:

They were delicious!

Still two more to go, and so tonight's dinner involved the two other.

This time was different, I stuffed them with egg and placed them on top of a half cut bread.

1 Egg
Black Pepper
1 Small White Bread
2 Portobello Mushrooms
Green Beans

I mixed the egg with the onions and olives, added salt and pepper. Placed the mushrooms on top of the bread halfs and poured the egg mix on top.

Boiled the beans & carrots for about 5 minutes and then heated them with olive oil, garlic and white wine.

I have to say, the last meal was my favorite. 

I love to cook food with a lot of garlic, pepper and wine. They do enhance flavors. I promise I'll do something different next time!

Hope you liked it :) and, try!!

Here's my dog, Miley, craving for some food!!! :) 

Here's my dog, Miley, craving for some food!!! :) 



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