segunda-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2013

Hi December.

This first weekend was complicated because I worked. I didn't have much time to come here and make posts. But I did make some tasty food over the past days. 

Here is a very good avocado recipe. It's very simple and I enjoy eating it with bread or toasts.

Avocado Salad
1 Avocado
Lemon Juice
Salt (very few)
Olive oil

Vinegar (if you like)

I spread it over bread like a sandwich and it's delicious!

Then I went for some veggie burgers.

This ones I made with:

Veggie Burgers w/ Beans & Quinoa
Red Beans (I used canned ones)
Red Bell Pepper
2 Garlic Cloves
Whole Grain Bread

I smashed the beans, joined the garlic, added the onions, avocado and bread. Meanwhile, I cooked the quinoa, and let it cool down. I added a 2 tbs of water, and 1 tbls of olive oil. Added the salt. Joined the chopped pepper, and the quinoa. Joined it very well with the hands, and let it refine its flavor.

I cooked it an about 2 minutes each side.
Here's the mixture and the final product! I ate it with salad, and sweet potato.

After that, was the sweet afternoon to forget about the hard work and created a Cacao Cream, made with pure cacao, corn jelly and dates. I mixed them in the blender and got this very adorable and yummy blend: 

It's great to bread-spread!! You should try. Add some sugar if dates aren't enough.

Today for dinner, I used the avocado left overs, and joined some shrimps to the party!

Where I live, there are monthly markets prepared by some gypsy people, unfortunately, some of them left a beautiful female horse abandoned near the place I work. The animal had no food, just grass to eat. Here the police, are the only people who can actually take action since no one knows to whom it belongs to. I gave it some water and food so she won't starve. I hope tomorrow I can be more helpful with this! I couldn't take a picture because it was already too dark. :(

I hope your weekend wasn't working like mine. Monday and Tuesday are my days off, I'm sure I'll make some new recipes.

Have a great evening,

Good night,

Catarina - xoxo

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